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Bag Quest!

first quest of the season

something easy...

your quest, which you WILL accept is:

to photograph (or draw) the contents of your current bag, giving attention to the weirdest items therein.

pics can be put as a comment to this or as a seperate entry.

P.S: once this community is up and roaring, there will be competitions and prizes and possibly punch and pie
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Awesome! Brilliant idea! ^^

I'm going to have to draw the contents of my bag seeing as my dad has taken the camera off to China for 10 days =/
bummer! silly silly man that he is! well feel free to make it as realistic or as insane as you want, and post it wherever you want as well! i'll put mine up as soon as i have some free time, and then YOU can start one if you want!!!!

do you have posting access? i made it so that you do so feel free to post away!
teh loveliest ever.

you are teh r0x0r.
why thank you hannananin.